G21 Regional Volunteering Strategy (2010)

The G21 Regional Volunteering Strategy (2012) provides direction for the future involvement and support of volunteers and volunteering in the G21 region, recognising that volunteering is central to a healthy and inclusive community for its future wellbeing and sustainability.

The strategy aims to develop a regional volunteer profile, analyse capacity, gaps and opportunities for volunteering and identify regional actions.

Key themes for action include to:

  • support the development of shared tools and processes for people interested in volunteering to become volunteers
  • investigate regional models of community governance that could strengthen inclusive behaviours, policies and practices
  • promote the establishment of a volunteering strategy as part of each G21 stakeholder’s strategic health and wellbeing plan and advocate for accountability indicators to be incorporated into those key plans.

A G21 Regional Volunteering Strategy Implementation Group was formed to identify the best way to implement the strategy in order to maximise community connectedness and social inclusion.