Australia’s health off track

The national report card on Australia’s health shows that we are not on track to meet our health targets, and foreshadows a rise in preventable chronic illness. 

Just Released, Australia’s Health Tracker 2019 shows that one in two people in Australia is now living with a chronic illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, mental illness, arthritis or dementia. A third of the burden of chronic disease is preventable. 

The report card, developed by the Australian Health Policy Collaboration, led by Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute, measures Australians health against 13 risk factors for chronic illness, and shows that most of our health behaviour risks are getting worse, not better. 

Professor Rosemary Calder from the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University said a rise in risky health behaviours points towards a further rise in chronic illness, warning that failure to turn around Australia’s health will lead to a dramatic rise in health service demand and costs read more