Family Violence Flexible Support Packages for LGBTIQ victims of family violence

The Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) has received funding to deliver family violence flexible support packages to individuals or families who are seeking to leave, or have recently left, intimate partner or family violence circumstances.

Intimate Partner Violence and/or Family Violence can occur across all communities, social classes, ages, cultural backgrounds and geographical areas. Family Violence Flexible Support Packages are designed to provide limited financial assistance to victims/survivors of family violence within the LGBTI communities. 

The intention of these packages is to assist people to stabilise and improve their safety in at time of high risk while attempting to leave an unsafe relationship and after leaving such a situation.

The packages are available to any person who identifies as LGBTIQ of any gender. The LGBTIQ Relationship Violence Flexi-Support Packages aim to support individuals and families to stabilise and improve their safety in a crisis or post-crisis situation. The packages are not accessible to people who remain living in a relationship violence situation.

The funds must be accessed via the support of a case manager who will guide the application process. However, if an applicant does not have access to an existing case manager, VAC can appoint a Family Violence Case Manager from their team.

More information about the packages is available on the VAC website here: