Pillar Highlights

The 4 year funding agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has been extended until December 2019. This enables the Health and Wellbeing Pillar to settle its revised working arrangement and establish a better alignment between the DHHS funded component (Primary Care Partnership) and the broader Pillar work through a regular Roundtable forum.

Barwon Health and QUIT presented to the Roundtable in May and received overwhelming support. This will result in a series of workshops that Dr Sarah White from QUIT will conduct. G21 has since produced a factsheet on smoking rates in the region, click here to access.

The Health and Wellbeing Achievement Program recently relaunched this initiative to the regions’ early year’s educators. The model came from the Healthy Together Victoria program and has continued due mainly to the fact that it is well targeted and researched. The regions’ educators have appreciated the messaging and resources provided.


Primary Care Partnership Update

The PCP three domains of work are:

  • Enabling Healthier Lifestyles;
  • Preventing Violence Against Women; and
  • Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

The PCP has an Executive group of key leaders in areas of health, government and the community service sector that provides a governance arrangement for the authorisation of partnership approaches to address work place initiatives. The DHHS is also a key partner in this work.

Enabling Healthier Lifestyles

This domain captures the work of the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) collective. There is a number of working groups across the region that produce strong collective action in the areas that benefit healthy lifestyles. The G21 Director of Health and Wellbeing is currently working with members of this collective to determine a Monitoring and Evaluation framework and to better communicate with organisations the benefits of partnership approaches. Work is also continuing on governance and strategic planning for the next two years of HEAL.

Some of the current work includes: building on the success of the Choose Water This Summer to develop an all year round campaign; an upcoming vegetable “nudge” promoting vegetables to children; developing plans in response to learnings from a regional community consultation project.

Preventing and Addressing Violence against Women and Children

There are two groups working in this area – a Health Services Alliance and a wider representative group that focused on Gender Equality.

The Health Alliance is close to completing a key messaging toolkit which will be released later this year. The toolkit will be freely available and will contribute to building better understanding of the drivers of violence against women as well as prevention strategies.

In partnership with Deakin University, G21 is presenting a 2 hour workshop in July with Dr Jennifer Whelan. This will be an opportunity for decision makers to reflect on how decisions are made with a particular emphasis on developing inclusive practices.

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

The DHHS has funded a pilot that focuses on the addressing social isolation. The Connected Communities Initiative will be piloting an innovative approach commencing in June 2019 and concluding in January 2020.

Jill Evans

G21 Health and Wellbeing Director

June 2019