G21 HWB Partner Workshop: Your Place, Your Health

The recent G21 Health & Wellbeing Partner Workshop, held on 27th October in Torquay, was designed to bring together representatives from four G21 Pillars including Health & Wellbeing, Sport and Recreation, Transport and Planning and Services, as well as other interested parties from a range of agencies across the region.

There is a suite of evidence that suggests the intersection of urban design, transport and population health are becoming increasingly important if we are to tackle the growing burden of chronic disease and road trauma in our cities and communities.

Dr Cecily Maller – Senior Research Fellow from RMIT and the recipient of the VicHealth Research Practice Fellowship, spoke about the planned, emerging and accidental health outcomes of “Selandra Rise” – a demonstration housing development in Melbourne’s South-East corridor.

Harry Barber - an expert adviser with Philip Boyce and Associates, also presented a range of initiatives that could lead to a decline in car dependency, as well as paving the way for increasing social and physical activity.

The workshop component provided opportunities for many to gather their thoughts, and commence work on a range of ideas including; providing training days to those who are not familiar with public transport, to encourage and extend the walk to school program across the G21 Region.

A final report will be available on our website and further discussions held with the appropriate Pillar representatives.