Geelong’s New Arrivals cook up Welcome Feast

A group of 15 Iraqi and Karen new arrivals had the opportunity to participate in a seven weeks cooking course at Jamie’s Ministry of Food Geelong thanks to the G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar.

The group of 14 ladies and 1 lucky young man had a great time learning new cooking skills and trying the amazing food, they cooked every week. Participants had access to practical kitchen hints and tips and nutritional education that will empower them to make better eating decisions.

The course has also been a valuable opportunity for new arrivals from the Karen, and Iraqi communities to meet new people in a welcoming environment.  

“Social inclusion plays a large part in a person’s ability to adapt to life in Australia, which is so important for those who have recently arrived under refugee status", G21 Health & Wellbeing Director Janice Lane said.

“It helps to build a sense of belonging and community connectedness, which has a range of benefits on mental health and wellbeing,” Ms Lane said.  "The course builds a strong level of comradery amongst participants from different backgrounds coming together over the common language of food".

The class was arranged and coordinated by Diversitat, to help clients to learn new skills and develop community connections.