Healthier Eating & Active Living - Activity Mapping Workshop

To progress our common purpose of “working together to achieve health and wellbeing outcomes with community”, a workshop coordinated by Deakin University (Global Obesity Centre) was held on Thursday 18th May. As the shared health priority of Healthier Eating and Active Living gains momentum across the G21 Region, it is important to understand the extent and level of work currently undertaken by many partner agencies across the G21 Region.

Thirty-five representatives from partner agencies participated in this recent workshop. Here, staff from local government, health services and community services came together to develop an Activity Map – one that would articulate the current effort across the G21 Region. This map will be the foundation piece when working together on a joined up action and evaluation plan. This workshop builds on the 2 x Health Prevention workshops held in September and November 2016. 

As some organisations fine-tune their draft Council and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans, and others are, gearing up for the development of new Integrated Health Promotion plans, this session is an important stepping-stone in the joint planning process for action.

The map are available below and will assist with determining the next steps towards joined up planning and collective action.

Thank you to our partner agencies for their active participation and stay tuned for more information.