With a flurry of activity in March, April has seen the Working Groups around the regional priority of Healthy Eating and Active Living continue to grow. The Backbone Support Group is reviewing its Terms of Reference, and exploring the development of a nonlinear program logic. This will assist with mapping and showcasing the vast range of activities and work being completed across this region wide priority. This will also show how achieving outcomes in one working group area will have positive implications for other working group areas. For example: working on the assumption that  if the active transport working group is successful in increasing active transport, this would lead to enabling positive outcomes in increasing girls and young women in sport due to reduced barriers to accessing sport.

Seven working groups are fully operational consisting of key staff from health services, Councils, community groups and Barwon Water, with more partners being identified as actions progress. A process to monitor action has been developed.  In addition, planning is underway in consultation with DHHS to develop evaluation tools to measure outcomes.

During May, we will focus on bringing specific examples of the work across some of the working groups to you. This work is geared towards strengthening our partnerships in the region, using the Collective Impact approach as a structure to acknowledge our achievements and measure progress towards improving health outcomes.

Groups or organisations with an interest in participating in working groups are welcome to contact Zoe Barnett at