HWB Pillar Update


Healthier Eating & Active Living Plan

G21 Region Healthy Eating and Active Living initiative enters its second year of the 4 year Plan. Reporting as a collaborative to DHHS completed for the first time. Action Plans are currently under development, and we have seen a merging of several working groups as common areas of focus to improve efficiencies of available resources.

This whole of population approach is markedly different to other regional areas, with our focus on several cohorts within the population where evidence suggests we are best placed to focus our efforts for change. The Monitoring and Evaluation brief has been received and accepted by DHHS, and it is anticipated that work will begin in this area in November 2018.

Preventing and Addressing Violence against Women and Children

G21 has been working with the key health promotion providers to identify the components of the regional plan involving shared effort with Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West.

The Health Services Alliance has reviewed the Action Plan 2017-2018, and in process of developing a 2018-2019 Action Plan.  This will evolve over time as the activities take shape. Exploring a coordinated, regional approach to prevention of violence against women and children is currently being under taken.

Refugee & Asylum Seekers:  Improving Mental Health Care & Outcomes

Using a grant from Give Where You Live Foundation, Diversitat and partner agencies, have developed a co-creative program relating to positive mental health.  Around 9 people from diverse backgrounds have collaborated with a range of service providers having shared ideas relating to service development.  The participants presented the findings of the collaborations to organisations in March, and then to service providers in July. The report, including a set of recommendations, is available via the G21 Health and Wellbeing website.

The Action Plan for the next 12 months has been developed, and agencies and organisations working together to achieve the implementation of the priority recommendations from the Co design “With Us- For Us” project.

Feedback was provided to the Co design participants on Tuesday evening 25/09 around actions already progressed, and the plan until June 2019. Participants were delighted to recognise their part in the project is resulting in systems change, and improved experiences and outcomes for Refugee and Asylum Seekers.

Choose to Change Colac

G21 is continuing to contribute a staff member 1 day per week to this Deakin University (GLOBE- Global Obesity Centre) childhood obesity project, in partnership with Colac Area Health and Colac Otway Shire.

A series of activities, based on consultation undertaken by Steve Allander’s team, have been mapped and a wide range of community groups are being engaged through the project.  The Director of Health and Wellbeing has also received an invitation to be a part of the Backbone Support Group for the Great South Coast.

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Project

This project is a collaboration between NDIS and BCYF to deliver disability support services to children from 0 to 6 years of age.  G21 participated in a multi-agency steering group and is contributing to the development of a plan that will document recommendations for service development, based on the service (currently working with 600 families) and a range of consultation activities.  This plan is now available on the G21 website, and has included family consumer feedback around the recommendations.

G21 Health and Wellbeing Website and Newsletter Review

We are in the process of reviewing our website and newsletter to ensure we are providing the G21 community with the information they are seeking. Several consultations were held with our partners around what they are looking for, strengths and areas for improvement. Keep an eye on our website as we aim to make accessibility simpler and navigating easy and relevant.

In addition to the above key priority areas, G21 HWB Pillar/ PCP is looking to develop a 10 year G21 HWB Strategic Plan, as a visionary guiding plan for the G21 region. G21 HWB Pillar has lent support to

  • Volunteering Geelong in an application for volunteering support for organisations across the G21 region,
  • becoming “active agent” with Active Geelong,
  • part of the Accessible Cities Taskforce
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the inclusion zone at GMHBA stadium and Geelong Cats
  • Supporting the inaugural Festival of Sport to be held at Kardina Park on the 6th and 7th October.