Great Ocean Road Coast Committee in partnership with Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club and Lifesaving Victoria is very proud to announce the start of a 6 week accessible beaches trial in Lorne. Beach access matting, a beach wheelchair and a portable hoist will be available during patrol hours for six weeks until Sunday 31st March, information from the trial will be used to determine suitable strategies for future accessible beaches on the Surf Coast.
The trial will consist of 40m of beach access matting and signage installed in front of Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club until the end of March with a shipping container adjacent to the disabled parking spaces hosting a beach access wheelchair, portable hoist (users need to provide their own sling), instructions for use and evaluation forms. Bookings are required to obtain a code to use the beach access wheelchair and lifesavers will provide water safety as part of scheduled patrols. Access and use of the equipment is at the risk of users, GORCC staff and lifesavers are unable to provide assistance accessing equipment.
To view further information and the booking form please visit https://lorne.accessiblebeaches.com.au/v2/