Preventing Violence against Women & Children: Strategic Action Planning

There are many key stakeholders within the G21 Region, committed to improving our understanding of family violence who are working together to reduce the current alarming rates of violence against women and children.

In September 2017, partner agencies from across the G21 Region participated in a mapping workshop.  This workshop continued the work outlined in the Strategic Plan – Preventing Violence against Women and Children in the G21 Region,  by identifying gaps in prevention work and possible partnerships for future projects and actions around shared objectives.  This workshop facilitated by GLOBE (Global Obesity Centre – Deakin University), used Systems Thinking theory and practice, prompted by the question 'What factors influence collaboration to prevention violence against women and children?'    To view a summary report from the workshop click here.

The prominent themes and factors that participants identified included:

  • Understanding of Prevention of Violence against Women (PVAW)
  • Organisational capacity
  • Shared Objectives

Throughout the morning, agencies discussed and committed to actions to help drive the change required. These actions correlated with the broad themes identified in the Strategic plan (mentioned above).

A draft Action Plan is currently being refined by the partner agencies involved, and will be available on the G21 HWB website once it has been finalised.

For more information, please contact:

Justine Devenport – Women’s Health and Wellbeing BSW
Ph: 03 4219-1211 or email

Janice Lane, Director Health and Wellbeing G21
Ph: 03 5227-4016 or email