'Working With Us - For Us': G21 Refugee Mental Health Project Update

‘Working with Us – For Us’ is an important partnership that responds sensitively to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers with mental health issues in the G21 region. 

Using an experience-based co-design (EBCD) framework, local mental health service providers have collaborated with refugee and asylum seekers to co-design services that deliver improved experience and quality of care.

Refugees and asylum seekers are at particular risk of developing mental illness, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety. They may have suffered trauma through the death or separation of family. Many will find it difficult to adjust to life in a new country and may face hostility when trying to re-settle into new communities. Loneliness and grief are often key issues.

Refugee and asylum seeker users of mental health services have identified and prioritised what they have found to be the biggest barriers to accessing mental health services in the G21 region. 

Collaborating with service providers, they then developed a series of recommendations to inform service provision changes that address five of these challenges.

Give Where You Live Foundation has provided $30,000 to complete the project, while partnering agencies including the G21 Health & Wellbeing Pillar, Diversitat, Barwon Health, Western Victoria Primary Health Network, Barwon Child Youth & Family and CatholicCare, have committed significant time and resources.

For more information contact hwb@G21.com.au