Healthier Eating Active Living (HEAL)

The Healthier Eating and Active Living (HEAL) collaborative works across multiple social and systems levels to address barriers and enablers that will improve health and wellbeing across the G21 region.

HEAL aims to support the community to make healthy lifestyle changes with seven goals:

  • Reducing the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.
  • Increasing water consumption.
  • Increasing vegetable consumption.
  • Increasing healthy food and drink in children’s settings.
  • Increasing active travel.
  • Increasing incidental activity.
  • Increasing physical activity for girls and women aged 12-24yrs.

Cross-sector Working Groups are working in consultation with the community to achieve these goals.

The G21 Health and Wellbeing team are also providing support to “Colac Otway Choose Change”. This Deakin University led project aims to tackle childhood obesity in partnership with Colac Area Health and Colac Otway Shire.

For further details about this initiative, please contact the G21 Health and Wellbeing team.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the HEAL initiative are adapting their work in support of a Healthy@Home campaign that encourages healthy behaviours in relation to food and nutrition, physical activity, mental health and positive relationships. To access useful information and resource supporting this work click here

Strategic Priority: Enabling Healthier Lifestyles

This project supports, encourages and promotes opportunities for increased physical activity and improved healthier eating in the G21 region

Key documents

HEAL aligns with a number of regional and state-wide health and wellbeing plans. These include:


Barwon Health, Barwon Water, Bellarine Community Health, Borough of Queenscliffe, Colac Area Health, City of Greater Geelong, Colac Otway Shire, Golden Plains Shire, Hesse Rural Health, Leisure Networks, Surf Coast Shire, Women's Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, Kardinia Park Stadium Trust, Department of Health and Human Services and the G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar.

Project News

This Girl Can - Victoria launch new Get Active @ Home page provides exercise videos for women that focus on feeling good, not looking good.

A group of councils, health bodies and others across the G21 region are getting behind a state-wide initiative to encourage women to become more physically active.

VicHealth’s Walk to School month 2019 has helped shift parents’ attitudes around the health and social benefits of active travel for kids, new research has found.

Barwon Health’s Workplace Health team was pleased to attend the Geelong Chamber of Commerce After 5 event sponsored by Barwon Water.

It was an opportunity for workplaces to learn how Barwon Health can support them with their health and wellbeing initiatives and promote our regional Choose Water campaign.

The Choose Water Every Day campaign encourages us all to think of water as the #1 drink to support the health and wellbeing of our ourselves, our families and our community.

Why? Because water is the best, of course!

Related Resources

The "Choose Water Everyday" Campaign is a collaboration between partner organisations in Victoria’s South West region – G21(Geelong Regional Alliance), City of Greater Geelong, Barwon Health, Colac Area Health, Golden Plains Shire, Borough of Queenscliffe, Hesse Rural Health, Colac Otway Shire, Surf Coast Shire, Barwon Water and Bellarine Community Health. 

In late 2018 a community consultation group formed from members of the Vegetable and Water/Sugar Sweetened Beverage working groups, which consisted of partners from Bellarine Community Health, Barwon Health and Golden Plains Shire Council and supported by the G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar.