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The Healthier Eating and Active Living Backbone Support Group and our partners have finalised an Action plan around the shared health promotion priority. The plan reflects our partners coming together and working together to prioritise those actions that can make a considerable difference to the lives of many.

This collaborative effort explores issues of disadvantage, affordability and access to safe, secure housing for those in the community living on low income.

Prepared by the G21 Geelong Region Alliance, January 2017.

Sourced from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) website.

A case study showing implementation of the G21 Health & Wellbeing Plan 2013-17.

The ‘Belonging and Connecting’ multi-media project has been created by the G21 Disability Inclusion Partnership. The Partnership, chaired by Gateways CEO Rosemary Malone, has been supported by G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar project staff.

The G21 region became part of a growing international movement aimed at boosting kids’ mental wellbeing through increased outdoor activity with reduced direct adult supervision.

To view Dr Cecily Maller's presentation from the Joint Pillar Parnter Workshop: Your Place - Your Health, click the document below.

A framework “How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Project” is a useful tool for agencies when considering their impacts and evaluation methods for specific projects.

A case study showing implementation of the G21 Health & Wellbeing Plan 2013-17.

The Geelong Region Alliance (G21) Freedom from Discrimination Action Group was formed in 2010 and sits within the G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar. The work of the Action Group is contributing to the regional health priority of addressing mental health and wellbeing. The group takes a human...

A partnership between the five municipalities in the G21 region and providers of social housing have collaborated to explore issues of disadvantage, questions of affordability and access to safe, secure housing for those in the community living on a low income.

This Issues Paper (released...

To view the draft summary of the G21 Health and Wellbeing Pillar's Operations Plan for 2016-17 click on the resource below.

Click the document below to view a snapshot of the Health & Wellbeing Pillar  strategic achievements for 2013-17.


In September 2017, the G21 HWB Pillar released the updated HWB Strategic Plan for 2017-18.

The G21 Physical Activity Strategy will create an environment that supports physical activity by establishing an evidence base to guide policy and decision making at a regional and municipal level.

This service map identifies and promotes a range of regional activities, services and programs that are currently available to refugees and asylum seekers through local government, community and health services, as well as specialist support services.

This Resource Kit has been designed to assist leaders and organisations from across the G21 region support Refugee Week through a social media campaign.

The G21 Region Data Profile 2014 provides an evidence base for G21 planning, priority project implementation and advocacy for regional growth, health, wellbeing and sustainability. The Profile contains an analysis of relevant data and a narrative report for the G21 region.

Report cards illustrating implementation progress of G21 Region Health & Wellbeing Plan 2013-2017.

The G21 Region Health and Wellbeing Plan represents a new collaboration in public health & wellbeing planning across five municipalities in the G21 region City of Greater Geelong; Borough of Queenscliffe; the...