G21 Refugee & Asylum Seeker Service and Support Mapping (2014)

The Refugee and Asylum Seeker Group, comprising representatives from  local government, community and health services and specialist refugee support services, have identified a number of activities currently being conducted in the G21 region to support refugee and asylum seekers.

This service map identifies and promotes a range of regional activities, services and programs that are currently available to refugees and asylum seekers through local government, community and health services, as well as specialist support services.

This service map provides links to programs and activities that can assist with food relief, education & training, community assistance, housing & settlement services, and general health & wellbeing.

While not exhaustive, this resource provides a snap shot in time of the positive opportunities that are available to the general community and also to recently settled refugees and asylum seekers from across the region.  This information is intended to create links and share information between services and programs.  

To access specific information for each of the activities, hover over the text and an 'information bubble' will appear including contact information for each of the activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the services and activities identified are generic services available to the whole community and may not have specialist knoweldge and training when working with refugees and asylum seekers, although are willing to provide support where possible.  Specialist services (such as Diversitat) have been highlighted in Blue.