Primary Care Partnerships Road Map for Health & Social Service Reform

Primary Care partnerships (PCPs) are a Victorian Government funded initiative bringing together health and social services who in partnership utilise a place-based approachs to identify local service issues and develop local solutions. The PCPs work together with their members within a voluntary alliance to improve access and coordination of services, management of chronic disease and integrated prevention and health promotion.

PCPs support local organisations to navigate the ever changing health and social service landscape, while retaining high quality, safe, person centred and evidence based services, which meet the needs of their local community.

This document was prepared by Loddon Mallee PCP in conjunction with VCOSS Policy Advisor Dev Mukherjee with funding provided by the Loddon Mallee PCPs and the Victorian PCPs. It has been adapted by the Victorian PCPs to support PCPs across the state to assist their partner
organisations to navigate the shifting sands of the health and social reform environment.