Young men and problem gambling

Problem gambling posterG21 Health & Wellbeing (HWB), in partnership with Bethany’s Gambler’s Help (GH) Service were invited by the Department of Justice, Office of Gaming & Racing, to conduct a number of activities to assist them in promoting responsible gambling through health promotion initiatives for the G21 region.

Through research previously conducted by the G21 HWB & Bethany’s GH service in 2009-10, it was discovered that young men aged between 15-25 years were identified as a cohort that were at significant risk of developing a gambling problem, although they were not presenting at Bethany’s GH service. Instead, most young men who had concerns about their gambling were either confiding in a friend for advice or seeking out information on the internet.  

During 2011-12, a number of focus groups were conducted to gather local and relevant information on young men's attitudes and opinions towards gambling in general, new forms of gambling including online and smart phone betting, social gambling, the effectiveness of responsible gambling campaigns, as well as the best ways to seek and access help if needed. A summary report of the findings collected from these focus groups can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Young Men & Gambling Focus Group Findings: Summary Report - June 2012

The project also set out to explore the importance of mateship and social connection between young men and their peers when seeking help for gambling concerns, with the intention of using this connection as an ulterior means of providing young men with the information needed to help them take the first step in addressing their problem gambling behavior.

To complete the suite of resources developed during a previous project by G21 Health & Wellbeing and Bethany's Gambler's Help, a youth information sheet was developed targeting young men and their friends, which provides a number of useful tips on signs to look out for in a friend's behavior if they are concerned about their gambling, as well as possible steps to take if they wish to try and assist their mates to seek help.

To view the suite of resources developed by G21 and Bethany's Gamblers Help to assist young men, youth services and the community with accessing more information on youth gambling, please click on the links below: